Your retreat within reach

A spa-quality warm oil treatment in the comfort of your own home

The problem with neglecting self care

Recent studies show that a restless, stressful lifestyle increases the chances of burnout by 40% and can contribute to aging skin. 

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How We help you be your best

Mindful Moments

Our treatments encourage you to slow down daily rituals so that you can feel refreshed.

Delight the Senses

Our signature scents activate the senses, taking you to a better place.

Ultra nourishing

Our formula keeps your skin youthful, making you feel empowered beneath your glow.

Gifts worth sharing

A gift that reminds your favorite people that they deserve to treat themselves.

The experience you won’t forget

Skin benefits?

Our formula delivers antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to where your skin needs it most.

Too hot?

Our formula is designed to warm to the perfect temperature for your skin and will never feel waxy.

Too expensive?

At $2 per use, our spa-quality treatment beats the cost and inconvenience of a spa day.

Will it last?

Unlike lotion which is made primarily of water, our non-filler formula ensures a little goes a long way.

The reviews are in

"No heavy fragrances upsetting my sensitive skin"

— Sarah Belen

"[It] gives my skin a beautiful glow that lasts all day."

— Lisa Hubbard

“The oil was warm to the touch yet not hot.” 

— Sue Gross

“More convenient than going to the spa... The most relaxing experience ever.”

— Victoria Della Torre

"Goes on smooth without the oily or heavy feeling on your skin."

— Sarah Rose Barrágan

“It makes me feel like a queen!"

— Kate Rowe

Choose your scent


Fig, Blackcurrant, Amber
Sweet + Fruity


Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Leather
Musk + Woody


Peony, Rose, Sandalwood
Floral + Sultry